Episode 11

Published on:

10th Oct, 2023

Episode 10

Published on:

10th Oct, 2023

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About the Podcast

Meet the kin
The Kinfire Podcast is an extension of the Kinfire Festival. It celebrates all God has done in Ireland since the first missionaries arrived. It’s a podcast of stories and songs ablaze with the Good News. It is about lives saved, redeemed and ignited by the Holy Spirit. It is about helping listeners become captive to the Word of God.
The Kinfire podcast is about family, not just those living in your home. The family of the Father goes far wider than that. Each who calls on the name of Jesus is our kin. Old and young, black and white, orange or green, rich or poor, we are kin because of Him.
The Kinfire podcast is about Ireland and the love the Father has for the lost people of this land. We hope our content refreshes and ignites you for the mission of Jesus, to let each person in Ireland know that the Father loves them and is calling them home.

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Samuel Chestnutt

Husband, father, and follower of King Jesus.